Sunday, March 30, 2014


wagamama, busta sorpresa, well
it’s faint but we can see,
lebenslänglich, action art,
richard wright, i am doing this
writing with you in mind,
embarcadero, making worlds,
cobalt tallate, linum
usitatissimum, cute lil ass
cleavage, penny stamps, spread
natter, claster, bulk carrots,
a little rubberstamp that
says all, it splotched down
beautifully, concrete doll,
father substitutes, confirm
this hierarchy in the eyes,
ephemerides, idiolalia, yu jen,
new denim hat, tight-lacing,
coutille, tallyrand on doing
nothing, the symbol for
shillings, it was an impossible
translation but, insubstantial
all, calipeach, one is a big
meany, paper razor,

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