Monday, March 17, 2014


microcapital, hummingbird robot,
folding bee, gum bichromate
photography, text junky, libor
novus, horchata, grow a beard and
dye it orange, book junky, select
face, beaudin, ckbom, décolleté,
femur, the awkward age, gauges
his concrete, nekuia, misoneism,
klactoveedsedsteen, why are you
suddenly speaking german, dumb
height, pex, the art of foley,
kubark, radiata pine, initial
letter in seventy-two point font,
and scream conclusions, one
continues to grind forward,
stack attack, nobody is playing
your silly game, duplicating
the waste, now we are inextricably
wedded, rule number one, the
text in night, that’s a lot of
cutting and folding, you
could figure it out from the
original but, these are days we
are trying to get rid of, all
ought have, temporary holdings,

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