Friday, March 28, 2014


spending face, otaku, keep this
coupon for ever and ever, welcome
abroad, rubberstamp moron, ain’t
got no cash, gco, it’s kind of a
sculptural optical illusion,
a cd lyrics booklet, printable
cd-r, this purple elastic is part
of the unit but, fichinery,
she’s a tuff lil bitch, am
i the only person in town with
a paper fetish, word locks,
a collapsible structure,
sly, gaudy, we can tell you
never even touched the book,
verulam, staple thru the text,
it’s the booby prize, in
tempore senectutis, a crazy
womb, lost sex, the in-himself,
the en-soi, orange blue,
concrete penis, paratactics,
carpool tunnel syndrome,
graffiti-thick concrete,
homophonic is the word you
were looking for, maybe instead
of reading the ones, we could
leave them silent, devine
perfektion, i just don’t have
the attention span, the
halfbit, read the book with
grubby fingers,

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