Wednesday, March 26, 2014


background poetry, when is paper
not paper, performed on a loom,
an interesting mix of the too
clever and the not clever enuf,
unmuzzled ox, i’m not u, wreck
flections, everything could
happen, autiodactyl, point a
to being, soundasaurus,
grindhouse, feel free to make
corrections as you go, this blank
is going to cost you, suddent, the
trick is to have the outflow
match the inflow, i wonder if
your perceptual apparatus is
fine enough, the librarians
have their own agenda, i don’t
hate you even if you are a
moron, i’m not sure if i’ll ever
mail anything again, they
are willing to do it for money,
four-peat, mind-reading systems,
smokin indo, a greasy beaver
that can haul in loons, a
hundred lot of acid, select face,
kleenex xerox, you’re supposed
to copy all of this shit, they
want you to give and give,
this paper is giving you
orders, i fear rejection
the most, fuckin hippy,

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