Thursday, March 06, 2014


to the speakers, spailes, ozola,
laffin ny, i was just about to
say hello to you, you don’t expect
me to read this whole piece of
paper do you, let’s get this image
made into a rubberstamp,
despertar… para soñar, the shit
ticket that exploded, why do you
need forty blogs, please no
organic material, and good
riddance to her, metamora, well
at least we have nothing in
common, we didn’t make a single
phone call, we have a bit of
time, bundle up, concern troll,
decommodify your life, an
internet troll association,
a false flag pseudonym,
emetophilia, jelaluddin,
ginger pie, penny stamps her
foot, baka washi, multifinder,
rabid eye movement, decoy girls,
taxi dancers, caerulei oculi,
romanzo d’appendice, existing
competition the husband,
white slavery, hetaira,
danse du ventre, black god
blues, underscore as
punctuation, abcholute,

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