Sunday, March 02, 2014

"daemonorops or plectomia"

unconsumable texts in
unconsumable formats, identity
is theft of the self, making
fools out of geniuses, last
mango in paris, simulacrumb,
worst cake scenario, e-swarming,
futas, okay we are nowhere near
shawville, poetry placement,
good old bulk carrots, nogs,
i started to write something,
monitor those levels, bored
housewives have a tendency to
remain bored housewives, the
most fragile of hats, zoot-
suitism, when you finish the
book put the dustjacket back
on it, historic effort changes,
calamus, daemonorops or
plectomia, blintze, runrate,
repacketize, les halles, the
atlas joint, the sarcmark,
there is actually some decent
stuff in the text, leave a
little room in the margins
for future annotations,
google may or may not help
you, echoing harsh ceaseless,
shabu, trying on different
kinds of hats, an ivory
fescue, tertium quid,

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