Tuesday, March 11, 2014


the daffodils are up, a grant of
letters probate, begbie was a
hangin’ judge, cut that bitch
out, all i wanna know is when am
i gonna have the cash in my hand,
eristic anarchy, the cares of
housekeeping equally, automobiling,
concrete illustrations, concrete
self-realization, concrete
application, wobbling pivot,
echoing harsh ceaseless, turnstone,
sequaires, remember to go to
the ten point, just consider it
a bye, writing is not art, we
don’t allow question marks,
bang bang shoot shoot, i made
this replica for you, you could
try to move it, eschaton, anti
keylogger, subvertizing,
chatshrink, the reasonably
nice price, did they phase out
your favourite, colour is
information, add and pass and
that’s an order, it has all
become a gray muddy haze,
i am thinking copies,
seahorse mutating, jet
yourself free, the penny
that broke the bank, once
all the information has
left the page,

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