Sunday, March 16, 2014


okay you are dusting the fruit
stickers, superjuice, reverse
engineer an orange that has
seeds, phonoethics, a cluster of
cells, just say no to the telephone,
astroglobe, lungemeat, pu-erh,
naphthalene, chyle, solitude
à deux, conjugal society,
toner hurts my eyes, explorer-in-
residence, acculturation,
endangered languages, brown
hyena, boob tubal ligation,
bizcochos, etui, zapos, hyper-
cherry, point communication,
biznatch, china’s hyperstimulated
economy is headed for a crash,
examine the movie frame by
frame, overfocused, proroguing,
the results-only work
environment, red lionfish,
if anyone wants to slow this
down and see what the fuck
i am saying, be good here,
the sun is gone man, peony,

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