Friday, March 21, 2014

"dee offeer"

nakaku kaigandori, get your name
on a post-it note, whatever will
mail, you ain’t no dame you dame,
you can’t read it because you
don’t really want to read it,
don’t let yourself be fooled by
the surface, whether you actual,
beautiful shrinkwrap, as long
as you are not trying to pass it
off as genuine, reciprocation
guaranteed, can the dead not
speak, pushing the envelope,
cut one out, lead is just as
beautiful as gold, just gimme
the punchline, it looks like
you don’t actually sit at
that keyboard, fideua, magic
printers, biedermann’s
experiment, tip of the pin,
nice to see you doing something
that’s not so low rez,
anybody can have an idea,
sweet resolvements, layers
and layers of time, waiting
for the pop, hitting the chronic
early, harlan ellison
collection, who’s dee offeer,
you can’t just keep eating the
same shit, chat triage,

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