Monday, October 26, 2009

"spell cheque"

subrapture, special zed, thot
you weren’t going to buy into it
anymore, desire resides, the body
poetic, midnight wordlight,
hammer blows of the apocalypso,
word vent, spell cheque, pen is
spine, particle-ism, trance codes,
no mall, freebasing television,
underdetermination, cold yous,
the mail showed, dee as in
drop, the whole wrong name,
shuffle down the halls,
conduct of codes, beautyocrats,
no talent bum, singkist, ludes
me, a number of these, a part
of the hole, apart of the whole,
silver sewage, last ear listen,
nothing of value, spell mistress,
hope they are paying you,
small letter name, pry sing,
value to some, no net circus,
out of the current current,
still coming, new venew,
all one word, blown into
a thousand bits, big winter,
no later, can not even near,
mentdown, everything you
touch turns, postering in,

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