Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"particle by particle: a mountain!"

miles where now?, will remember
the apex, international executives,
these ephemeral publications, your
one form, nothing trance, from
name to name, a mouthfull of saying,
practically inert, certainly not
eye, bottomed well, mania name,
want to have done with, god is in the
machine, the very presence, a
collection of failures, a slave
to salve, micropoetry, filling
system, by eaton, elf theatre,
now she really is gone, temp
or airy beauty, hole factory
sense, rip the cable out of the
wall!, was it good for you?,
pursary, fridonnay, the prod
duct, all out of order, not even
a wake, put one and one together,
directional dreaming, in all
directions, ore, will all be
disposed of unless, wide reader,
the feature creatore, match
the picture with the words,
housecock!, think small thots,
particle by particle: a mountain!,
how it will reduce, lazer us,
thru-able, try a gain, tarabish,
there is no original, crackee!,

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