Friday, October 30, 2009


luck you!, just a replica,
play to ideas, consumateurs,
is that a real person?, art
i choke hearts, give ‘em enuf
tropes, volt face, habitually
combined events, listening
to bar talk, no drama, pass
over in silence, daze ego,
what is the dynamic here?,
bulk art, oft hearts, new
formulaicism (cring!), breathe
language, pre-verbal ooomph!,
future concrete developments,
concrete perimeters,
a hundred copies of this,
dwarf wedge mussel, take a
moment right now, helping
canada’s endangered,
most people can’t tell the
differance, how can this
be possible? disposable,
the bigind, pushing poison,
never got too far, kosher
zen (sure at sweet, ignort,
perpetually broken, eleb,
on the way to being, saints
, again silence, succor!,
days in ab-sense, bum how,
ink orridge able, by attension,

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