Thursday, October 15, 2009

JUL 18 2008 4:00 (pm)

1) prize winning sex
1) enjoy your disorientation
1) pick a seat, any seat
1) is the stone happy?
1) we accept any form of communication
1) dip the book in glue & paint it yellow
1) can we fax in our money?
1) sent automatically at short intervalls by e-mail
1) Musgos de Cuba
1) one does not cross borders
1) yokono
1) you can actually read it if you use enuf magnification
1) my carma
1) easy enough to say no to a book
1) odour form
1) why? why are we missing all the fun?
1) somebody is imitating you
1) giant iron “@” symbol
1) bill bissett in the early years
1) one can’t maintain contact for ever
1) elk groove
1) ₩
1) book—post?! i’d hardly call this a book!
1) verkerke
1) no i don’t want to see any pictures of you
1) cutting it reduces the value
1) moka, port louis, flacq
1) a look at ourselves from the other side of the world
1) divo
1) the sample would have to be larger
1) nobody wins in a divorce
1) please cancel my subscription
1) memory evokation
1) the insatiable eye

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