Monday, October 19, 2009

"more so"

new & imp proved!, area of non-text,
better than the original, get the
machine pumpin’, up over, back under,
a result of exposure to light,
listenerism, visiting the second world,
ends in the self, this trust, enquires
what?, linksaw, that might sound,
closed peace, ready to enfold,
no not ho, ex-functions, lost for
the same reason, exclosures,
can you do?, litserve, barcode
culture, britbritbrit, downsighs
altogether, ego tweak, all in
one or all alone, being done
diffrint, coming still, it’s
finally next week already,
slipping the news, is there a
moreso involved here?, on the
shelves at your local, slip right
by, this is a direction we are
thinking in, sub-bottom,
doughty boy, archaic for valiant,
a little object or blot, what
about intellectual discrimination?
, and this concept of poaching?,
threat list anarchist, toad
all moment, spatial instant,
pile folding, all the same day!,

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