Thursday, October 22, 2009


any idiom will do, becoming dated
sept, now you are two, you used to be
one, hundred point type, see in,
mere words, into the universe,
nine but double, you are pre-
approved, you body without organs,
wasn’t expecting to see, burst star,
charred on a beach, dese tings,
know where to find, not exactly a
failure, a real sign, thread in
the carpet, backlog, theze, colour
uncoded or decoded, superbase
& substructure, dating fast,
in stores now!, writing on speed,
form par excellence, defending
the noox, making it is another
thing, me for myself, eatin’ spree,
box is for, thing king thru up, get
your name right, disgorgeous,
wildew, junk shum, huhn?,
already written, still trying
to get, desirections, since the
s(t)artre on speed, a load down,
being and roses, nonconservative,
buddha bullets, chicken! bawk
bawk bawk! chicken!, got me out
of a lot of chores, the last thing
we want is to be wanted, seems
rather excessive, return path,

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