Wednesday, October 14, 2009

thisthis isis notnot anan errorerror

many machines to choose from, filth
file, please check your references
& your knives, this is just a rriff,
english-language period, what’s
the speech limit around here?,
the eye always wants more, bland
slip, auntie christy, sample her,
meta-information, my crazy
quilt er guilt?, forced attention,
this is not an error, the thru the
broken broken window, decrease
the rate of accumulation, that
zone, back hearing, range of
reference, the word for your
day was skunky, monitary, tfel,
monitory, ridden of, put aye to
all that, put anything you like
in the cargo hold, an endless
open microphone in hell, the
book’s lack of depth, skimming
of the surface, can’t quite peg,
value & effort commensurable,
gone diddy gone gone, gone i said!
all gone!, giganto minute, go
into bottle, dededeteriorating,
waste paper doll, new noose,
bayp, unconfirmation, max
a zine, how many tons?, toogue,
close enuf, it all went to, splash!, prod day,

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