Thursday, October 29, 2009

"throbbing gristle for the millions"

photocopier antics, text in motion,
how much?!, reality blots, e-rent,
we aren’t that many, system shift,
buff or erase your own self, game
based, poetic illiteracy, throbbing
gristle for the millions, an enemy
of poetry, winner, the word selection,
it’s hard to hold yer head high
when yer reading, start small &
downsize!, the science of imaginary
resolutions, in & thru, at the age
of two: cleanix capital kay, de-
mentian, error riff, ain’t yet
already, afford achevy, order
ing around, anarchy does not
equal chaos!, play sing, marginal
eyes, all around you spirit toget-
her, this is not part of this,
temporary trashcan gooey,
not getting sordid out, the
gas petal got stuck, to save
or to spend, some other criterion,
twice as many as you think,
we are already in the universe,
tiny joy, only thing we can
write is checks, flatin
thing, too real, where this
belongs, reading work, big
name poets, out from under umbrella,

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