Thursday, October 15, 2009

"just crumple it up and throw it away"

imp unity!, you’re your own person,
detain of the mirror, rubric’s cubed,
underproduction, are you listinging
to me, ex pun gee, knew it couldn’t
be that easy, it’s like direction,
this defective copies, synapsis,
sighs do matter, study of poison,
er crect, just crumple it up and
throw it away, familiarity breeds
certainty, out of the window?,
just purely glanced, open a new
flilfe, emptying cell, is that all
there is to, means more if they
don’t think you’re listening,
buy knowledge?, a bird that flu,
we are standing still, still
standing, eeks stray eeks stray,
importation of elsewhere, or
become the other, there is no
code, just hear, in body, not
shine all, still here & still
there too, you neek, short for(m
magazine, already a where
we wanna be, can’t you just
tinglish?, call me loss,
tune in on the gnet, the first
time we saw eternal, out of
chuck, errata tipped in,
already gone by the time we
got there, fancy letter head,
just as representable, no division,

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