Saturday, October 31, 2009

MAY 24 2008 (am) #2

1) this is within a kilometre
1) go, go, go, stop
1) go, go, go, stop
1) never say no to money
1) i did not mean to make this mark
1) five grand retainer
1) how’s your retention?
1) case for sin
1) wheatland, riceland
1) gas yourself (with laughing gas)
1) chronic multimedia exposure
1) we’ve been given the “down pens” order
1) your name: ____________
1) the more you repeat the number
1) masturbating to the obituaries
1) still a microbit of stickiness
1) rocky, yes… fulfilling? we shall see
1) oh well, “today” was only a sliver
1) as i said “today” was already gone
1) there will be a last
1) time debt
1) all of these points need to be accounted for
1) ibl
1) some sort of trance
1) info exfo
1) go, go, go, GO, STOP
1) nothing is plugged in
1) leave it blank, please, leave it blank
1) what’s that little thing?
1) we want a copy so we can preserve (or destroy)
the original
1) a drop at a time
1) erazer
1) the shirt

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