Thursday, October 29, 2009


1. wallpaper envelope
1. somewhere between the original & the copy
1. i think i might hang on to this ‘original’
1. you have to stop entropy
1. this blotch has a deal of meaning to the…
1. how do you like the feel of this paper?
1. you want the dirt?
1. we need a little variation
1. you can see from one copy to the next
things are developing
1. an unfolded one
in a world of folded ones
1. these dots are wreaking havoc with my eyes!
reeking havoc
1. paperchannel
1. that’ll take care of yr so-called “sweetspot”
1. why would you make all this (extra?) work for yrself?
1. one side of the paper wants to go thataway
the other side wants to go thisaway
1. it did copy after all! (ye of little faith…)
1. no point emphasizing the stain
1. there’s no such thing anyway
1. there is nothing
1. why not just copy…
1. do you remember what ‘pigeon wheat’ refers to?
1. sign here, you idiot!
1. this is not fine print, man!
this is important!

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