Sunday, October 04, 2009


e-yes, more bold, better in black,
aside champ & b-side channels, the
frayed of a book, heteroclit, etched
caprice of human, homoclit, any
thing remaining, robber stamp
mechanism, something suddenly
gives way, a dose of text, ear
mirror, work it down, re-arrow,
the machine is elsewhere, a big
fat text called coiler, o-mission,
part of the circuit stances, is that
their real?, co-mission, forefoot
forward, refind all eyes, balancer
not bouncer, business tripper,
what it says beneath this text,
big enuf to be small, knowledge
for sale, if nobody big, still
activity, internates, trancemo’
gumbo, already sub alt, a stroke
again’t, still flag, fold moisten
seal, vie aggro, the wont to
power, because these kids are
still unjaded, how did your
organization get my address?,
pare 'em down, extra mailings,
inovate spell, skim a little off
the top of every trance action,
simply beyond, my name wrong,
missed the whole, every word
eventually, see how this, glost,

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