Wednesday, October 14, 2009

JUL 18 2008 (pm) 9:00

1) aggressive dentistry
1) no boxcutters
1) a truly moving piece of theatre
1) get something printed up
1) do you think you have what it takes to be a writer?
1) if you had a bionic eye
1) yes! why is it so hard to say yes?
1) isn’t that the one that pulled the writing out of...
1) mail it across the border
1) hey-la carmela
1) the fireweed has gone to seed
1) i think we must have offended everyone
1) people, beautiful people
1) jenyfer
1) beck – modern guilt
1) we disagreed about the value of a human life
1) hell and gone ago
1) me? who the hell is me?
1) don’t offend your friends
1) perceptions or nothing
1) noneedo
1) one thing i do remember: pulse
1) your last happy summer
1) find you
1) ndungo
1) it all meant nothing
1) i was busy being born
1) G-d
1) trowbridge
1) lolling stone
1) what does Sorrentino have to do with anything?
1) i want the real thing, not the...
1) no longer on the brink (said the falling man)
1) that ha

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