Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"shifting a pair o’ dimes"

clamp see lamp, what is being
said, now this is something
we can understand, the relevant
portion, the turnaround, saint
roller, next thing you know,
micropublishing, where’s the two
dots?, file forward, just a
prop, on the other side, not
appearing, getting down to
speed, folding back for the
first time, the sound of our
voices, evidence yellowing,
who will be whinning, coat of
conduct, have to be full,
two these, name overwritten,
all threw the system, still
valid, shifting a pair o’ dimes
around in yer pocket, where
can we find, what a sassy
thing to say to yourself,
plain word, where is so & so,
be really informed, i am
looking at a blank peace of
paper, attracts insects, tag
up the place, too open, one
verse city, rant rant chant,
wye double kay zip!, shutting
up now, next us, burry me,
beringing, door to door poetry
, worked once, cut here, become
reaware, this is blank, who’s ya?,9,

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