Thursday, October 01, 2009

"entitled blowhole"

tide you under, certainly writing,
at the limit editions, voliterature,
contagious voices, folder all,
decade dents, entitled blowhole,
you don’t know what it is, we live
on concrete, incessant touring,
numbering the paragraphs, a
scrap of paper, use the big pen,
do you think you have understood,
past trapped, the flux you ate,
her heinous, firm boundaries
around this naysaying, put us
on the map, small thinkers
society, chin up uppercut, dollar
count, bish not fish, noncompoop,
give ‘em the business (end, this
can be found, it’s too late for
nobody, yes there are seahorse
here (with scars, yellowing
around, declare yerself,
vacant will be filled, digging
the wrong hole?, with a name
like that, this could easily be
bound, that’s in another city,
it’s the paper slip, which is
hungrier: the eye or the
mind?, zed eye & e, getting
tyred again, dee-reams,
the information you need,
cross classing, class crossness,
siml, roarrer, looks school, in it al,

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