Thursday, October 22, 2009

no autocap on god

electronic edmonton, ink roy,
set the work aside, withdrawal
of pen, deposit of seed, mental
landscape, bacon and rice,
european high cultural
imperialism, subaddendum,
dirty saints, dangler lamp,
clustered meant, paper trial,
your x cluster, don’t bring it
to the hat, the cloud of
contention, scurra, the mad
hatter on trial, billard
pillard, pink street, it needs
to be played with, fruitcases,
child of ghosts, be entangled,
similar style similar, blur
splotch, this is the work of god,
basement paintings, why is it
signed so-and-so, find an
angle, hollow containers
encased, a fake cunt, filled
by a cluster of sixteen cubes,

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