Sunday, October 04, 2009

SEP 07 2008 (am) #1 NOW

1) who is ever going to want to read this (ten years from NOW
1) what are you going to say about it?
1) you had your fun, now you are going to pay the price
1) this text is a collector’s item
1) sixteen square feet of pixels
1) make a photo of your step
1) the sun & its effect on the mind
1) think of the trash as memento mori
1) toner addiction
1) would you even recognize yourself?
1) psychbot
1) steve pasquini
1) you don’t get rewarded for sabotage
1) iconic section
1) text breaks off (author goes out to have fun)
1) one has a serious money addiction
1) is this a knife i see in my back?
1) you can’t get out of the winter
1) insanity purveyor
1) shoulda stuck with oh one, eh?
1) it’s a bogus penny
1) a zine called: Job of Work (maybe Piece of Work ?)
1) a typewriter that really lays down some blackness
1) nothing dirty
1) diktat
1) hammer a staple into it
1) that’s not funny, it’s sick!
1) gar stands for
1) no thanks to
1) later dater
1) no one else is going to be confused by this insanity
1) it looks more real in “colour”
1) leo ten
1) push the darken button

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