Saturday, October 17, 2009

"what needs saying?"

digressing towards, slightly reduced,
off the new machine, actual sighs,
nothing lost, what needs to be involved?
, sighin’ in the presence of teller, the
evolution of the hand, we have put
you on our mailing list, real time
projection, better left enclosed,
megapilgrimage, these mikes,
these dots, frienzy, eye will do!,
mike to mike, live file, think
factery, we’re just done flying,
clique of losers, hegemonic elite
culture, a little a, less gorm,
the unconsciousness industry,
nothing occurs, signal compression,
human essence: the concrete,
there’s that word again, an
earlier self,

what needs saying?, mochumbo tree,
grey market, membrain us, i would
like to take exception to,
superhighwayification, offshore
data processing, telepromoter,
towards fire, fat thots, academic
merit, up dere, meaning poverty,
anti-thing, mada, about non-com-
munication, more than a hundred
books, pushing nothing, the defence
of north america, where do they
all come from?, absolutely
nothing!, don’t get it,

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