Saturday, October 24, 2009


backlogism, saltflat racing, the
drug of choice, time is still ticking,
last miniture, two senses involved,
with a signature in the margin,
what paper might say, poetry on
plastic, letheriver of memory,
toys & books, insection, leave it on,
not other wise, paper hand, where
we are in, utter trance, resent
the effort, a two hundred and
fifty dollar inkling, boulevard
disruption, the hole is the farce,
wreckreational drugs: now you’re
talking!, incorrect styles?, gun
envy?, frank phrase, ground
figures, who wasn’t?, the thrifty
mike, condensed reality, block
out the other voices, can(f)uck,
dirty blood, ripped paper, stoned:
bananas, stone: balami, life
encroaches, coffree, take the
fridge!, not concerned with the
return, open war, think close,
all quiet on the obvious front,
enter the rent, sapper, saint
technica, blah blah blah blah,
what are you going to say?,
language as said, snip here,
fall weakened, a thousand
speechies, asterix this, !, do can,

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