Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"who write's this shit?"

immediate eye, mirror topped
writing table, third eye shutters,
our convictions we hold dear,
islands of canada, just let me
finish this letter, can’t just turn,
have we entered the text?,
a little imp prov never hurt,
hidden essence common, fun with
windows, heart bit, trance
valuation of value, time &
system incommensurable?, eye
am eye ain’t eye?, concrete human
existence, tell yourself to say,
doctor heckle & mister jibe,
inward eyes is, de fecto,
depending on the machine, won
nothing, take us forever, who
writes this shit?, fuck the
writer!, says what you expect
it to say, el is a bull, not
competition oriented poetry,
you’s a shifter!, opening for
any yahoo, pro irrational,
taking sigh naps, pome stone,
sense when?, the merest
little slip, eye full & eye empty,
in english in, riff fire,
thinking post-capitalism,
to be annunciated, out in
about on a day like this?,
forgot um lot, deattitude, ex-zine,

[note: the phrase "can't just turn" should angle down and thru some of the text below it... like this: can't just turn

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