Saturday, October 31, 2009

incompatible cartridge?

expearances, milk ode, sugarfreak,
overwell, disconnect the dots,
while you were out (wore out,
!, part straight, the pit, aslow
wit, not number, beware of
counterfit, join the club:
membership is free & instant,
identifying, not complicit,
time theft, longcomings,
creditwor)thiness, data-
scavenging, no keystrokes
involved, practice counter-
surveillance, trade info,
historical explanation of the
conditions, busy’s birthday,
thot-variant, persued,
technoskepticism, ack-mack
pain-bisquit (we remember
the armenians, operations
at crash, you inhibit me,
accrumulating valve, nume
in us directions, an open
reduction, our brother, the
better reality, a reproduct,
what giant?, make it again,
versity, remembership,
member you, redistro,
raise cane, refind, fine
meaning, web’s pace, zoo ooze,

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