Sunday, October 25, 2009


the last one standing, flying still,
taken for a rider, editor inch,
that previous deal, the day we are
feeling, zed in e, her concerns,
this is rich, what patriarchy?,
typing down: writing up, a
combination of time, e-mailing
your intention, arbitrary
freedom, there is still time,
i don’t know my number!, toonie
with a double you, oh yeah the
reader, point to gunpoint,
know-nothingist, remarx, zed
as in zine, ž ž, there’s telling,
against foundations, counting
by ones, computer blurry, to
continue, this damage, the
potent recall, where the
window went, or, no, who has
seen the window?, am i owe,
inspiry date, eye got them
saint, saint ook, never changed
our life, inspiration date,
email no hyphen (chainlink,
missed the hole thing, under
constructed, brings on the
trance action, mist opertune,
won’t know later, see oh dee eee,
be silent for a while, said dead,

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