Wednesday, October 28, 2009

meditation on the copy

1. transfer this to the blog
1. we are willing to tolerate zero
1. ondine
1. excessex
1. is this the copy? or is this the original?
1. is ‘Srank Feest Heelp’ one thing? or three?
1. yes, we care about the sluff
1. the difference between a file folder & an envelope
1. international number serial society
1. it’s rank!
1. any little prison
1. let’s apply for a variation
1. typical defects
1. defective copy
2. defective issue
1. help! it’s a rank feast!
1. a rubberstamp that says ‘copied’
1. a handwritten version of the word ‘copied’
1. copiel
1. copied
1. copied mar. 8/08
1. it don’t matter if it shows through
1. theres no way in the world to copy this (is there?)
1. it’s never too late to copy
1. wobbling on the rubber
1. we use the terms ‘copy’ and ‘original’ very loosely
1. would you rather have a copy of something brilliant or an original of something dull?
1. how in the hell this Stefano Pasquini remains legible when everyone else is blasted into the void I do not know

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