Saturday, October 17, 2009

JUL 17 2008 (pm) 2:00

1) even the dead are singing the praises of
1) point of view: poverty
1) little bits of paper out in the wind
1) a so-called “active” project (ten years on hold)
1) eye sci
1) how can a speck of paper cause you pain?
1) don’t intend to fly anywheres
1) why on earth?®
1) under wood and over _______
1) did you hear the postal horn?
1) logo by escher
1) the science of the eye
1) graphic communications international union
1) pwot
1) carry that weight of paper
1) everybody’s drummin’
1) no helpful annotations
1) dusty kleenex
1) you entered the “contest”, (you sucker)
1) he now occupies the chair
1) we lingered here for a long moment
1) aren’t your feet getting cold?
1) everything you ever wanted to know about coffee
1) trying to find a fucking job
1) you actually faxed it?!
1) i wanna be sedated
1) ten thousand keystrokes an hour
1) a channel of communication for all peoples
1) it must be embarrassing for you
1) raw honey
1) classic documents
1) nunquam paratus

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