Friday, October 16, 2009

"let them eat words!"

new line, eye loves paper, what
was i saying?, tiny edition, the
kind of stuff you see graffed up,
do course thru, timy, speed chart,
trance political, engrungefy, do
i have to paint you a picture,
'splain it, note little arrow,
baseball & superstructureball,
what do you mean by this word?
moisten & seal, editor of it all,
nameless eye, leapages glue,
on the way to silence, stepwise,
time you want?, double-sided
nothing, having & consuming too,
beyond full, was that it?,
error exploding, inglitch,
new logo mania, the jutch, am
i elidgable?, trance house,
am i a ledgible?, pay the
poets!, too free, against
slick, foe non-slick, let them
eat words!, risk kiss, is is cont?,
how do we manage?, chinchillah!
, a languag ista, you can’t say
no to the government can you?,
one’s face, real simulation,
yesterday’s tomorrow,
night imp ossible, goes on in,
yet again, again yet?, point
of no point, flying machine, one,

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