Tuesday, October 20, 2009

there's about a 9 space blank between "effect," & "u can't stop!"

amp war, mission hit, enhandced
writing, apply within yourself,
buffer zone!, meganormal, get
to the bottom & relax!, can’t find
a machine!, use the snake, big
calm a, repel leper to isle,
time to here, trance lucid, eye
mind! eye mind!, reserved for
effect, u can’t stop!
spin around now, tag up!, that’s
really givin it a way, stopt, a
sense a who, code shift, sex is...
gooey, thinks that must be thunk,
the real side of desire, hold on
to free, paper pusher, a pair
of sight, bull those who are,
make mention, mismention, down
by-law, is that an opening?,
voice but no vote, the eternal
round of daily existence, we are
by lingual, continual reawaken,
he is illin’, chick lit?, paging
up, shopworn lit, envelope
needing stuffing, back ish
roar, that would go a long ways
in the commune-ications world,
incommensurable formats,
we the both of us, seriality, next!,

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