Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"repetitive task force"

sues rapture, all bite, type of
machine, said we did, a fair number
of words, me more, beware of
counterfeit, time taken, paper
craft, saint ore, light table full,
span naps (sigh, might have made
a minute, hangbelly, cancel ok, oz
at, south of forty-eight, what sort
of sorting?, the female gaze, me
a pest, know so much more, onion
do’s, plant knot, total space,
writing in it’s essence, say
such dirty things, will say it
has meaning, tacked together
to make apage agape, & apart
a part, fake shite, colon eyes,
semi-colonize wink, nothing to
do with what is being referred
to, oh pair, repetitive task force,
no more mesmerization, mmm,
bind it all together, slim thing,
the first thirty-one, colour gotcha,
mere p inp ink, subwrite, peri-
meter drains, why final?,
wrong choices, rate mention,
as we roar so we roar, join
in!, blurting it out!, and
the machine, failed to do,
no time for joy, erase this!,

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