Sunday, January 01, 2012

green hippo

the splash of colour is strictly
functional, now is the moment for
art, drug-stabbing time, hyper-
lipimia, better font better printer,
ekleksographia, i’m thinking of
giving up on this identity,
identifying particles of dust, mud
ra, knock boots, micro-blogging,
take a little time vacation, tlp,
proglotid jactitation, the
zackenstein mirror, kwik-collage,
lumpenintelligentsia, viejas,
habitations, zap jomo, concrete
tanks, mota, quetzalcoatl
concepts of time, sociological
mail-art project, green hippo,
prairie clay tales, no se no,
just keep on writing the same
thing until you reach the
bottom, what does this black
mess have to do with art, the
only memory you have left is
a bad one, dottles, the human
eye prefers the natural world,
the perceptual flip, there’s
no way to predict the winner
but, let’s sign these together,
use the envelope for mushroom
culture, virtual sex, blank

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