Friday, February 17, 2012

"things your kids know that you do not"

a permission structure, a not-found
circuit, dally the mouse, pera,
some people seem to enjoy being held
hostage, dubliner cheese, the hind
end of a calf, m’, muleta,
chingado, gusanos, the corned
worm, hold considerable experience,
bastante, repressive tolerance,
social death, boggy spots where
we used to play, the wastepaper
basket, a civic anti-vacancy
bylaw, high frequency drivers,
poetry makes me hund-, fuck,
poetry makes me hungry, foog’s
gate, composed by hand to
collage elements, yush,
advance or prescient reference,
rez the prim, getting ready to
build, stomp model, why would
you want to make a movie
about a hole, mind control to
major tom, things your kids
know that you do not, maybe
i’m just a bimbo, a wooden
cube, bogstaver, konkrete
øjeblikke, dyschthonic,
the is-scape, anthropox,
eschatosclerotic, ides,
glitter on ray, you are never
alone, pavučiny, preshius,

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