Wednesday, February 08, 2012

"fuck love"

this is not a status update,
the perfect little fragment of
paper for a haiku, digilap,
the only variation is in how you
pay, don’t even own a mop and
pail, fuck love, ca, chatterbot,
chat bandwidth, what does the
envelope signify, didn’t realize
those two ever crossed paths,
the concrete maul, economic
philosophers, pangloss,
unattached individuals,
bizous, use your atc template,
fear of going blind, eff ell eh,
can you give me the complete on
that, the text can flow into any
shape you like, the way the
day glows, she knows her
machine inside and out,
jack schematic, the art we
think is precious today,
phodo phrame, the shit the shit
the shit, on a dayglo tangent,
who’s your face, madonna of
the lips, pixel face, what do
you have in your mouth, i
think this might be her,
spoon in her mouth, irage,
black letter, assembling
the cod, somebody just
yanked it, insignificant,

1 comment:

Jennifer Kosharek said...

taking this one with me to Chicago. xo