Thursday, February 02, 2012


i like to get these out of the house,
i like to fuck around, that was
solemnized was dissolved,
twenty ten, in the pen, malayalam,
vanoc, the final draining out of
the lifeblood, wait until the
last minute and then push,
watch me bleeding, i can’t afford
to feed you monsters, highlight
missing stuff, you claim you
paid it but, old tymer, the
revolution will not take place
over chat, earth the color of
heat, destabilizing western
civilization, no words no
progress, no graphix no prog,
hot yoga, the person who invented
the phrase: conventional wisdom,
white wheat, arbalasts, cluster
of perceptions, in jactancy,
multivalent response system,
eric’s heart is cool, miss minx,
you can’t eat time, miss nixie,
stimpo, zyprexa, make a run
for it, kack, hint of evaporation
creates, kho, eyes chamber hook,
flatback, of the lips, money is
dying, share as in share, all
year or all your, boot in,
be a rock star, over the edge,

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