Friday, February 24, 2012

"pink employment"

catheter art, maybe just the
envelope for a change, is an x
enuf of a mark, tear drop and
kick, eight dollars and twenty-six
fucking cents, farn ham, five
hundred dollars cash, an
experience of some kind, i miss
amy!, sausage-phone, shameover,
disable notifications, marry
carrion, high-tech eye candy,
if the razor fits…, awai, an
independent scholar, tangible
concrete, escape its human-made
character, wunderkammern,
dead nature, laic, element of
human constitution, the once
fashionable marxist
vocabulary, third nature,
highly cultural element,
trichopterae, negootiook,
anosov flow, doing the zen
float, no prims, a wave of
sim shutdowns, the moment we
are trapped in, mindless
digital, this phrase reminds me
of karen eliot, digital sexual,
pink employment, your bright
box, genootschap, you get into
the system as, fill in the
blue blank, the thing keeps
turning itself on its head,
blue milk cloud, do we?,

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