Thursday, February 09, 2012


artwork domestication procedure,
i made this myself, with a
background of grey vinyl siding,
the scar left by the river, money
is driving us crazy, the
reprographic eye, get involved
before you get left out in the
cold, tor, high-tech paper, zv,
boil proof thread, mercerized,
boilfast, the grud, love written
in blood, i’ve got plans for you,
hard to imagine having a
consciousness like that, green
dragon acid, connect thru
alcohol, chatterbot, hymenoplasty,
moksha, netwriter, purushartha,
littoral staging, lycophron,
bioreality, aom, copies as
yet unmade, living on plastic,
thankful for this loaf of bread,
the price of a rubberstamp
impression, nothing spectacular!
comma, wachtwoord, industrial
reserve army, work-in-process,
the face that makes me weak,
change either at home, antitrust,
the pecuniary culture, just
a paragraph, so much for this
piece of paper, what does
crack care, when you get to
the bottom, message to you,

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