Monday, February 27, 2012


a small place in the sky, prims,
ambiguity farm, aom, we need paper,
alt art, blood cucumbers, you
can’t buy your way in, highgate
cemetery eastern, literature
written on a sofa, fluxus
commune, aaa ccwc, hello blank,
neuroreality, the size and shape
of text you feel like reading,
there is an obvious error in this
text, continuity web, the writing
is very bloggy, writing is one
thing blogging is another,
photomat, traffic carnage
photos, mountains and slums,
a lay therapist, a philosophical
demon, a psychotherapeutic
community, artist group marathon,
theradrama, character analysis,
bio-energetics, enlightenments-r-us,
multineddu, communications
therapy, therapoetics, the red
dots, include the red dot in
the publication, yeah we are
seeing the blue, sen, you are
going to have to put a sheet
of acetate, this is just a
font, you had to revise the
postage, wear a norma shearer
mask, everybody loves bright,

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