Monday, February 20, 2012

"the haiku moment"

grab another copy of this freebie,
mathemaku, goes thru a lot of
jasmine tea, no we are not hiring,
every time you go in the price is up,
free facial, once the paper has
served its purpose put a poem on
it, neosim, magnejector, maerd,
mini-office outlet, pretty hat
club, temporarily allow scripted
windows, screen grab, charo,
four times all, pink on pink,
this cover is for the blink, amyl
nitrate suddenly pops up,
media-verĂ³nica, shattered
concrete, theoretical psychology,
knownstream, psitchosis, the haiku
moment, situational psychosis,
estabnik, form of superposition,
psituational, a midnight plow,
jewelkin, kiss the dragon,
glass theatrics, tiny red
smear, nothing is tingling, lys,
digital newsprint, precious
permission, little grotty wad
of drain hair, chronopost,
barnest, one half original, the
way people interact, edible
money, bookbaker, men ia,

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