Saturday, February 18, 2012


zeen or zign, five is a huge number,
copy bot protection, animation override,
an army of horse, a gross of copies,
jville honey garli, are you starting
to see, only go for a sure thing,
datcha, brainbox, random paper
shape, anarcho-work, congress of
cultural freedom, new lanark,
docetaxel, pulp fiction bondage
booklets, deafblind, literature
of the rubble, unembedded, non
serviam, trümmer, eye can’t seem
to recognize these characters,
next weekend never comes, the
joy of blank, quantum computers,
information catastrophe,
elected a hawkish coalition,
sometimes you gotta chaw on,
it can be done, now my short term
memory is going too, the secret
aroma of karen eliot, wabi sabi
or japanese horseradish, what
won’t you answer to?, the copy
does not hurt the original,
let’s see how painful five is,
the copycam is out of whack,
thee fuck, three minutes to
meltdown, it just doesn’t
matter, shit i forgot what i
was gonna say, why would
you want to make a mess like this,

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