Saturday, February 11, 2012

"unmixed media"

pigments that are absorbed into
the paper fibers, this text is for
testing only, we got a couple
little smudges happening here,
the usual groceries, there is nothing
on the paper but a poem, all it
says is all, all in the corner,
the all frag, a faint impression of
genius, all keeps pouring off the
line, the answer to blank space is,
throw it into the rubble heap,
zapstraps, sro holding units,
heat score, road photographs,
non-returnable warrants,
containment area, the half-bit
habit, it’s a mud, king blozo,
zoom in on that detail, a word,
microheart, kamo, gorge us, not
exactly the figueiredo we had
in mind, i can’t even seem to
grab ahold of the paper, up
on the thirty-second floor,
painting with blood and shit,
unmixed media, inspiracy,
forty-six eighty-four time
does go by, get these done
up at your local, sepulchre
of dante, the problem is you
are always present, we want
presence, could we get that
in english, colouring paper,

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