Wednesday, February 01, 2012

"it's a tough love valentine"

jack up the point size, texts static
and texts active, the quick zip into
words, we’re together at three in
the morning, the incessant drip
in the pants, is this an enn or a zed,
why are you charging me for a blue
fax, the purple dot, i say we print
a poem, razor pun, it’s a tough love
valentine, klonopin, itching to be,
hand correct eye, these little
fragments are meaningful, this
fragment is not meaningful,
just call it a zyne and have
done, being for the benefit of bee,
oka and ada, nothing lucid, i’m
not too keen on the spacing here,
shut up about love, entry by
leaning against an infirm door,
don’t tell me what’s hilarious,
collaboration between a perfectionist
and an imp perfectionist, shred
the beauty, now everything looks
pink, crushed beneath a pile of
pennies, they’re not errors they’re
corrections, i couldn’t seem to
find this lemon, cyberanus, do
you have stuff in the library,
they don’t even pass thru the
folder anymore, how can you
even look at this let alone
admire it, the only thing that
maintains its beauty, you,

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