Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"skinny minny miller"

greifers, japanese dating bots,
oh a perfect little bit of paper,
the usual substances, a series of
grocery lists, housing insurance,
spawn creature, a machine-gun that
fires hearts, the white arts, what
is your shape, fonds bell, you
can’t publish something like
this, soricine, nada mas, pour
concrete into the grave, saint
avrogin, the leisure classes,
suppressed bogs, facile
beauty versus difficult
beauty, structural deepness,
kik cola cap, the era of high
capitalism, flâneuse,
e-migrations, bone folder,
skinny minny miller, you forgot
to do your best, paper has a
wonderful memory, crud for
the crapper, en- compassed
hackberry, scrunchie, this
text is the best, this text is
the second best, describe this
particular tick of the clock,
judging by your hand-writing,
delofi, plastic wrapper reality,
i didn’t realize there was a
booklet, creative commons
attribution, disk wakers,
and the winner is empty,

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