Saturday, February 04, 2012


paper products forming a log jam,
undermining the underminers, your
face by candlelight, it’s called
rendering a book, sunlight dish,
once the poem gets on it, doing the
work that is the work, too many
pennies!, limit of one heart per
hour, you have to keep doing the
same simple math problem over and
over, colour is an error, verline,
fasson, achepe, the girls in the
garden, fragmeat, corner frag, cut
open and spend, ensure clean
houses, dwelling-in-travel,
travailer, neuropeptides, larin,
vanpool, social media, the dog
particle, pugwash, psychic slog,
irn bru, going second life, meta-
disciplinary, performer created
theatre, there is no call for
text like this, pain drove one
out, perfect little atc-sized
poems, chat science, flux blossom,
cachots noir, cosmic sands, one
is a red moon, one is follower
free, stonerworks, the half-bit
bait, dada verse, taking your
cues from the crazy lady,
mark it such-and-such, postal
tower, the perforations is the
thing, still cavellini, beef ore,

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