Wednesday, February 22, 2012


no such address, you think you’re
sharp, kark, access time, wrapped up
in a build, dark brown voice,
what are you coughing for the
bandwidth, insipid incipit,
leisure poets, when it’s on sale
it’s half price, one is sitting
pretty, the time to go wild is
now, the whole poem is only
fourteen millimeters wide,
excusado, transilient, aizi,
badaliya, impropriation, linea
generationais substantiae,
avaria, each word is like a
puzzle piece, don’t ignore the
blank, telephilia, brickism,
internet exploiter, knowledge
font, condom money, kitschen,
jjas, kab kez acat, hbdz, you
could still play, the art of
obliteration, one is here one
is there, you want all that
paint dumped on your head,
lihiniya, no we are not going
to keep you informed, lambda
print, art is the time, why does
one eye say yes and the other
no, everybody that is always
already part of the scene,
a lot of brain cells, formal,

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